Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dippin Dots Cereal

Dippin' Dots cereal? Yum! Your favorite frozen treat is now a cereal!
My brother from Colorado found these for me and sent them out for me and the family to sample.
First of all, I think Dippin' Dots ice cream is excellent. Super cold like an ice cream should be, and my favorite out of all the flavors is Mint Chocolate Chip. I have fond memories of stopping by the Dippin' Dots shop in the mall during high school. Let's see how the cereal measures up!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Spooky Halloween M&Ms

One of the great things about this time of year are all the specialty flavors that come out. Earlier this year we sampled 17 different M&M flavors. For Halloween, M&M has introduced 3 flavors. I know Candy Corn is a returning flavor because we sampled it back in 2016. New to me this year are Cookies and Screeem and Pumpkin Pie.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Halloween Time at Disneyland

Happy Halloween Time at Disneyland! Today we're joined by our neighbors and starting the day at DCA.
Going into my hat collection, and yes I have even more Halloween hats. From left to right. My Devil Mickey top-hat came from Disneyland Paris. Alli's Witch Minnie Mouse is a 2016 Disneyland find. The leafy Mickey top-hat comes by way of Tokyo Disneyland. Pumpkin Jack was at Disneyland in 2017. And Ian's Winnie the Pooh bat hat is part of the same hat series as my hat and also from Disneyland Paris. Theresa is wearing a Zero headband today.

Halloween Pump-"cake" Patch at the Grand Californian - All 13 Hidden Mickeys

A couple weeks ago, while visiting Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, we discovered a giant cake Oogie Boogie pumpkin in the lobby. They claimed there were 13 Hidden Mickeys, but boy did we have a hard time finding them. Today we were back at Disneyland and determined to cross a few more off the list. Now that there's a few more, I'll start counting to see if we can make it all the way up to 13.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fall Foliage - Viewing the Aspens in Colorado

It's always fun to head outside and see the beauty in the world around us. Theresa's favorite season has to be Fall, and one of the reasons has to be leaves changing colors. We've taken multiple trips to see fall foliage. We visited Vermont back in 2008 (among the first of my blog write-ups), and Gatlinburg Tennessee in 2012 BC (Before Children).
As fortune would have it, both Theresa and I were in Colorado for work, and it lined up perfectly with the peak viewing time of the Aspens changing colors.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Celebrating Pumpkins and wearing Pumpkin hats at Disneyland

Happy Saturday! In the spirit of Halloween Time, this week's theme is pumpkins! And when you're celebrating pumpkins, of course you have to get a photo by the giant pumpkin on Main Street.
Our hats are all pumpkins this week too. From left to right, My Pumpkin and Maize Goofy hat came from Walt Disney World. The Wizard Pumpkin Mickey came from Tokyo Disneyland. Pumpkin Mickey is from Walt Disney World. Theresa's Pumpkin Mickey hat is new in 2018 to the Disneyland Resort. It quickly sold out and I was fortunate enough to get one before it did.

Halloween Pump-"cake" Patch at the Grand Californian - Where are the Hidden Mickeys?

In the Grand Californian lobby is a giant 4 foot pumpkin made out of cake! I think it's awesome when limited time things like this make their way to Disneyland. There's just one thing that I'm having a hard time figuring out. Where are the hidden Mickeys?